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Cicle de conferències: Procrastination, Goldie Uttamchandani

Aquest dimarts 7 de febrer hem gaudit reflexionant sobre l'acte de la procrastinació de la mà de la coach Goldie Uttamchandani. Una alumna assistent ens comenta com ha anat.

Moltes gràcies, Goldie i moltes gràcies Adriana ;)

Hello everyone,

I am Adriana Cantorné from the second year of high school and on the 7th of February, I had the opportunity to participate in a talk about procrastination by Goldie Uttamchandani. In this sense, we have understood what procrastination means as well as the types of procrastinators. Moreover, she has given us tools to manage the problems referring to this topic. Likewise, we have been able to observe that depending on the type of person you are, you will need specific tools to achieve your goals.

I hope there are more talks of this type because they really help the students.


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